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Mature content
Empty Seasons :iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 1 2
Appliances speak
I wanted to be your Brave Little Toaster.
Fueled on lumps of indignity and subtle omissions,
your nuclear soul was toxic
and yet
I stayed plugged into it.
Eagerly awaiting with the dawn
squares of abuse and whole grain sadism.
The dial
turned all the way to 'darkest' desire.
Some days my esteem coil would shake
Instead of 'pop', there would be an
almost scream
Teapot - you are lucky to be allowed release.
Burned identity crumbs rattle inside a
Wire ribcage bruised with want and one oh please.
To be discarded, broken, unclean.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 5
Losing Altitude
Your smile stretched across Alpha Centauri's hide
Causing my Leo heart to explode
My oceans became drunk on Luna wine
Capsizing M.Y.Sanity in the intoxicated wake.
That searing Sol's kiss of unsuspecting hope
Melted once impervious polar walls
As Infatuation embedded itself in my crust;
I am an avalanche mess of tormented plains and valleys.
Your Ursula eyes now stare at disgraced Pluto
While a tail of meteors pouring out of hindsight
Slice my atmosphere
Bruising deep into my mantle.
No sound escapes your wormhole mouth
Breathing in Taurus flesh
Exhaling Pisces bones
Tearing my tectonic identity apart plate by plate.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 10
Mature content
Fair weather.... :iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 2 2
Beyond Capable
*uck you.  I think it, but don’t say it.
Those words would debase the agonizingly sweet sensation of watching your diseased heart slowing its erratic rhythm.  I wouldn’t even grace the mutilated form of pathetic flesh before my feet with spit.  Burlap rope held limbs now hanging from skin shorn sockets - useless.   Puss skewed seeping wounds displaying the now not so internals – too bad they aren’t pit black like the marred soul about to depart its decaying shelter.
For those you callously used and abused, scattering their esoteric essence into unceremonial winds, killing their will and identity even more slowly than how I dedicated your ruin – they will have peace soon.   
Whoever said us tree hugging loving nature sons and daughters of hedanistic need were cowards who could never make a difference, must never have watched just how the mother, the creator of all we see can destroy so ruthlessly. 
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 1 6
Mechanisms of me
String and Wheels
Cardboard memories click into sandstone slots
Not so slick
They lack vanilla flow
Moving like some third grade other life slide show
Uncle Merl’s Idaho
My Carrie style
The last presidential
My glaucoma third eye has opaque site
Someone pull the puppet surgeon’s string
Let the sumac knife slice
I need artificial coping mechanisms
into my lop sided lobes
Insipid eyes that care onto my lids
Weld close
my voice
The sign reads
(or says
or shows
for all the
semantic whores)
“Delapidated home for auction
Must be willing and able to reconstruct
Torn hopes and virile wants
True zirconia in the rough.”
The bidding
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 7
Flowers without a plot
Memories of Mother:
The forget-me-nots are crying
whispering hiccups
each droplet trickling
The bleeding hearts are feeding
on worm tenderized guilt
peeling themselves open just to feel
so red
The carnations are defying
the march of time
defiled from their roots
lying bravely on the grave
to the forget-me-nots crying
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 10
Travels of Microbes
The amoeba is ambivalent
Singular in its asexual pursuit of existence
Taking over the tectonic terrain
Multiplying like thunder in electrifying egotistic rain
Lonely surrender to one celled ignorance
it is neither honest nor happy nor disheartened.
forever forging itself
with artistic ambiguity
Except somehow it matured
It morphed and mangled itself
No longer monogamous or magnanimous
Multiplying like maggots on dead flesh.
The polytextured parasites roaming free
(or at least thinking so)
Are horrified to view their petrified pasts
Walking, scurrying along unpious paths
Rarely honest
     randomly happy
          and regurgitatedly heartless.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 1 12
Midnight by Themis-Kali Midnight :iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 1 0
O Spots
Like slightly stunned hummingbirds
my eyelids flitter and flut
as the hot breath of adoration
where gently sloped spine
dimples into curved apple rounds.
Sucking in
down feather breath
splaying scarlet decorated finger tips
against wholesome
Sanguine shoulders arch in tune to
firm digits grasping raised pear mounds;
Tauntingly slow
the gentle lips travel,
meandering down and over lush hills
tracing well know paths
in grace
The calloused caravan of palms
treads expertly across the heating flesh
making the warm waters of the oasis rise
in scented paradise
bird cries.
Proboscis seeking the nectar hidden
in the moon dew
blooming orchid;
diving artfully between smooth petals
eliciting stamen sighs and pistol trembles.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 5
That’s the sound of your bubble bursting.
Psychedelic beauty rippling on the surface
Tar pit madness swirling dizzily.
I would have let it be
If you would have stopped hurting
the Innocents and the Carefree
wanting to save you
just like me.
The cheery football captain,
Center star of the hockey team
no one would have guessed
what a blind hungry predator you could be.
The ebony ooze sliding over your soul
the path to remove it
denied by your peripherals;
you e-whore.
All those consuming words…
pretty and intimate in the pink blushed ears
All those raw words…
unknown innate emptiness, causing oceans of tears
Time, that evasive and claustrophobic of enigmas,
The overload of lies and sweet as pie indignancy
is spilling over your denial dam
I cannot protect your blotted broken doll shell
or the shiny new
limited edition toy
that wants to be played with….
Oh how little it knows
that your constrictor grip has never been about love.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 2
Mature content
Warm Rain :iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 1 6
That white noise box – the white one in the corner – is never shut off.  It doesn’t soothe anyone, not in this two room cabin that wishes it were in some dank woods where even the sun is tethered by the blackess of gathered sorrows.  Instead, the bungalo is on a ramshackle city block awaiting its gaping death surrounded by tare down cookie monstrosities.
That’s okay.  You didn’t notice it.  No one really does.  You didn’t even notice the fresh picked yellow daffodils in the blue vase secretly delivered to your door until they were powder dead and your Ambercrombie briefcase smashed their small shelter.
White noise can be deafening.  It doesn’t drown out the inner screams.  But when all is cacaphone silent, the suffocating air presses paper doll limbs into amorphic shades.  When all is distorted quiet, it means you no longer are around to care.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 2
Snake Tongue
Staring at the paradox on my floor,
Dumbfounded at the rusted gears and
Broken twisted springs,
The porcelain cuckoo bird
that no longer sings.
Grandma’s ancient clock is dead.
Lethargic atrophic muscles cannot move
Not at this absurd moment,
Immersed in the cracked cold ocean of your lies.
A thousand,
jagged shards of my adoration
float through stunned veins that bleed
When I was etched by god’s hand
onto that flimsy piece of your soul that
dangled before my awe struck envious eyes,
I burned beautiful and bright
Like a marshmallow over midnight campfires
I would have died happy.
The blaring horn sounded from the train oncoming
Hearing it from afar,
The knowledge of my doom,
In hurried wisdom and amber angst
The coarse sandpaper of truth
Slammed my unsuspecting body into transparent tears of agony.
When was the essence of your masculine wine
poured down another willing vacuous throat?
Strained like a shallow IV into my arteries
There is not e
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 2
Humbled I
Eloquence is silence
wrapped in rainbow tissue paper
the colors
and listening to it
when I breathe
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 2
Sleep over
Lie in my bed
Sleeping, peacefullly dreaming
We were up all night
Tasting, teasing
With words.
Laughing at our audacity
Telling jokes we've overheard.
Stating our desires
The many paths we have walked
All the evil and good learned.
The smell of coffee
Shall wake you soon
The pot is hot
It's almost noon/
We didn't hold hands
You're clothing is still on
But now we are closer
A better friendship
A foundatioin
To grow upon.
:iconthemis-kali:Themis-Kali 0 7


Clockwork :iconnorthernraven:NorthernRaven 497 107
Born of Frustration by MyLifeThroughTheLens Born of Frustration :iconmylifethroughthelens:MyLifeThroughTheLens 3,464 83 Handmade Miniature Parakeet / Budgie Parrot Sculpt by ReveMiniatures Handmade Miniature Parakeet / Budgie Parrot Sculpt :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 282 38 OOAK Handmade Miniature Raccoon Sculpture by ReveMiniatures OOAK Handmade Miniature Raccoon Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 229 6 Handmade 1:12 Miniature Sculpture Hedgehog by ReveMiniatures Handmade 1:12 Miniature Sculpture Hedgehog :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 627 68 OOAK Handmade Miniature Squirrel Sculpture by ReveMiniatures OOAK Handmade Miniature Squirrel Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 233 17 Miniature scale hen and chicks sculpture by Pajutee Miniature scale hen and chicks sculpture :iconpajutee:Pajutee 314 22 Miniature Dutch Rabbit Sculpture by Pajutee Miniature Dutch Rabbit Sculpture :iconpajutee:Pajutee 212 25 Miniature 1:12 Cottontail rabbit sculptures by Pajutee Miniature 1:12 Cottontail rabbit sculptures :iconpajutee:Pajutee 177 17 Miniature Sparrow Bird Handmade Sculpture by ReveMiniatures Miniature Sparrow Bird Handmade Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 209 32 Handmade Miniature Ferret by ReveMiniatures Handmade Miniature Ferret :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 213 29 Bluebirds Family Handmade Miniature Sculpture by ReveMiniatures Bluebirds Family Handmade Miniature Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 314 43 Mallard Ducklings Miniature Handmade Sculptures by ReveMiniatures Mallard Ducklings Miniature Handmade Sculptures :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 731 107 Miniature Cottontail Rabbit Handmade Sculpture by ReveMiniatures Miniature Cottontail Rabbit Handmade Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 323 40 Handmade Miniature Hamster Sculpture by ReveMiniatures Handmade Miniature Hamster Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 991 185 Chipmunk Handmade Miniature Sculpture by ReveMiniatures Chipmunk Handmade Miniature Sculpture :iconreveminiatures:ReveMiniatures 274 45



Goddess of Justice and Rebirth
United States
Juggling classes might be beneficial soon; I was laying out plans for the upcoming months financial situation and low and behold several things have arisen to much it up and time constraints are just bearish.

Keeping my head up and not letting insanity get to me too much.

Side note: Keeping my gamer life separate more so than before; note getting all emotional with folks.  Having good fun times without stepping over lines.  A forward progress indeed.
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